Environmental Impact

Actively pushing for a greener web

As we advocate for sustainability and environmental consciousness, technology must be at the forefront of these conversations. While the digital world opens up possibilities for information reporting, we must also recognize its monumental effect on the environment.

Ample resources are spent in supplying our daily use of technology. It’s time to not only acknowledge the impact, but act on decreasing our footprint.

Equally crucial is the optimization of our websites which don’t use unnecessary or bloated code.

Optimize for Earth, not just for speed

Take note of how long it took for you to access and load this page. It seems minuscule, right? Well, that tiny moment in time produced an energy impact. Now multiply that moment by the billions of users accessing the web every single day. In fact, this worsens if the code and assets of a high-traffic website aren’t correctly optimized.

The good news is that we can do our part to be more sustainable by actively pushing for a greener planet. Optimized code can reduce the energy used by a server thus lessening the amount of carbon dioxide produced. The benefits of an optimized website far outweigh the drawbacks in terms of ethically producing websites.


a single server individually produces more carbon dioxide than a car

Web hosting with a green twist

We also recognize the importance of partnering with an environmentally responsible hosting company. A modern website has ample opportunity to utilize green hosting.
Green web hosting aims to reduce the environmental impact
of a website’s energy consumption. These opportunities have become even greater and more mainstream over the years, meaning that it is more viable than ever to consider these hosting partners.