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First and foremost, what is ethical web design?

Ethical web design refers to the approach to creating digital spaces that consider the moral rights every individual has over their information. Moreover, it accounts for the ability of these users to participate in those online spaces.

Shaping the Web with conscience

When we approach website design, it’s crucial that we not only take into account the user experience, but that we put it at the forefront of the development process. No matter the digital project, we must ensure that the client, the community, and the environment are equally considered.

Here at Plank, we are committed to building websites that contribute to an ethical and sustainable web. This is something that all web designers and developers should strive for. Our Ethical Web Collective encourages the web community to join us in this continuous journey to make the web a better place


As of October 2023, there were 5.3 billion Internet users globally.

Our Ethical Web Collective is guided by four principles…